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Are live events relevant to your marcoms plan?

03 May 2011

Are live events relevant to your marcoms plan? Image

How your brand is perceived by the general public and how your brands image and personality should be conveyed, is vitally important and must be consistent, across all marketing and media platforms. 

Your communications strategy should encompass all brand building activities. This is more than simply designing a new logo, although that is normally the first and most powerful point of reference for consumers; past, present and potential.

Regardless of your own marketing mix i.e. press, design and print, web and digital, PR and packaging – do tradeshows and events appear in your strategy planning?

Have you discounted tradeshows, exhibitions and events due to cost or a bad experience in the past?

Let’s face it; we have all attended events where you have been driven to think “what am I doing here?”.....

Have you had issues in the past identifying a clear return on your investment, or encountered problems when trying to communicate your brand, products and services?

Tradeshows – Roadshows – Exhibitions – Events in general; are all powerful platforms when utilised propertly,  which should be harnessed as it provides your brand with the opportunity to interact, connect with potentially thousands of new consumers and prospects, whilst showcasing your brand in all its glory!

However, planning is key to ensuring that you have a clear strategy for your events schedule – what are you trying to achieve and who do you want to talk to.

Listed below is our six step approach to getting the most out of live events for your brand, actively interacting with your target audience.

  • Your Brand is King – let is lead from the front!  Taking the time to produce a professionally produced range of show collateral; from stand build to associated giveaways which lend themselves to representing your brand, will ensure brand synergy as part of the marketing strategy and priorities for the event itself.
  • Go back to basics!  What are the key attributes of your brand?  What is its personality? Are you a green company, are your services and products innovative and ahead of your competitors?  Do you pride yourself on unsurpassed service and support? Take the essence of your brand and put it at the heart of the design of your stage, trade stand or exhibition collateral.  For example, if you pride yourself on excellent service then enthuse that within your design i.e. smiling faces of happy clients. If you are particularly eco-friendly, then look to incorporate green elements within your stand i.e eco friendly materials, energy saving lighting.  Another nice touch is to ensure that any marketing collateral is produced from sustainable sources and printed on recycled paper.
  • Communicate – Communicate – Communicate!  Engaged with your co-workers and colleagues at the earliest opportunity, to formulate a best practice approach to communicating internally and externally. Highlight that the tradeshow or exhibition provides a huge opportunity for your brand, underlined by the investment in time, money and energy.  Discuss what key messages are going to be conveyed, what you expect to achieve from attending and showcase how the brand will be brought to life. Would video work to promote key features and benefits?  Do you need to invest in an animation to demonstrate key technical elements of your proposition?  Internal strategy meetings will help to ensure that all messages remain consistent, regardless of the communication platform across all marketing functions internally i.e. internal communications and business development responsibilities.
  • What do you expect to achieve? Being able to identify your ultimate goal is key in the development of your tradeshow presence.  Are you looking to launch a new range, reinforce brand values or simply generate sales enquiries?  The answer to these questions will influence the design process for your stand – structure, traffic flow, position of the stand itself and graphic design.  Are you looking to incorporate video on the stand?  The visitors perception of your brand will be driven by their reaction to your stand.  For example, if the primary goal is to demonstrate a new product or service, then the stand should incorporate clearly identifiable demonstration areas, possibly utilising video or animated sequences to reinforce key messages. If the primary aim is to secure sales leads and ideally closing sales on the day, then you will need to incorporate an enclosed, private meeting area within your area.
  •  Less is more!  Visitors can be bamboozled by lights, images and noise at tradeshows or exhibitions.  There will be a lot of competition for their attention.  It is crucial that your stand design delivers a clear message, without the reliance on reams of text.  By utilising your brand values and identity, you can avoid diluting your proposition, whilst delivering focussed clear, concise messages that reinforce your brand identity, which should resonate with your target audience.
  • Speak to iQ Media.  iQ Media’s team have nearly 25 years experience of producing innovative and imaginative tradeshows, exhibitions and events design and management services to major brands and household names, throughout the UK. We can work with you to clearly define your objectives and what you want to achieve from investing in a live event and develop a bespoke strategy for you, encompassing both the event itself but supporting collateral i.e. registration of delegates, promotional merchandise, brochure and leaflet production, video and animated sequences etc.

To summarise - it’s all about your Brand!  By ensuring that your presence is appropriate for the audience whilst reinforcing your brand identity and brand values, will engender awareness and recognition of your products and services.

It is fact that the most successful brands and household names, are those that retain a clear identity, regardless of the platform.  They consistently deliver the correct message, in the correct tone, to their target audience.

Taking a strategic approach to tradeshow design and management can ensure that your brands can achieve brand synergy across all communications channels, which in turn provides a virtuous benefit, credibility and awareness of your brands, to a wider audience.

For more information or discuss a specific live event, please contact iQ Media at or call 0845 612 7147.

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