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Are you using Social Media effectively?

20 March 2013

* Do you find yourself asking these questions?

* Why should I care about all this social media hype?

* Our senior management really don't think this is a good idea. 

* Are the benefits of participating in social media worth the risk?

* What can social media do for my brands?

* How can I use it?

* Where is all this social media stuff going in the future?

* Do I have time for social media?

If these are some of the things you are wondering about social 

media you are asking the right questions!

Social is not going away. The internet is now a venue for dialogue - whether it’s chatting with friends on Facebook or tweeting job openings for your company.

Social is one more tool in your communications strategy and can be used effectively if you make it a manageable part of your communications plan. It isn’t a magic bullet and may never be a suitable tool for direct product promotion, but with a few practical steps you can start to use the social world to support some of your company goals.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Communications Plan

Set a Policy

Set a policy that accommodates your audience. Who can use it, what they use it for, how is it monitored? Be sure to set up a policy that meets all of your company requirements. However, be mindful that you don’t hinder your team in maintaining a meaningful dialogue - that would defeat the purpose before you start!

Educate the Team

If your management team have never used social tools and they are unfamiliar with doing so – most likely they will not be enthusiastic supporters of a social media plan. Educate them using examples of other companies’ efforts. Start small and build support over time.

Listen and Learn

Keep up-to-date on what your competitors and other organisations are doing and consider how you can apply this to your business. keep an eye on your own brand online using monitoring services, but don't try to monitor everything, especially if you have no plan to do anything about it!

Make a Plan

Create a communications plan and use social media as part of the execution , with consideration of how you will use the different platforms to best effect with appropriate content. Present the plan to your team, with a clear understanding of how it will be resourced and set a timeline for implementation.

Try it!

Job recruiting could be a good place to start. Use Twitter to promote open jobs, post to job forums on LinkedIn where potential candidates can ask questions, set up a corporate Facebook page and post corporate job openings.

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