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Generating quality sales leads through effective e marketing

13 February 2016

Generating quality sales leads through effective e marketing Image

Generating quality sales leads through an effective e marketing campaign

Used intelligently and repeatedly - we have found e marketing is a vital and useful initial part of the lead generation process. Firstly it helps to do a quality check and cleanse your data - if you get a lot of hard bounces, you obviously need to refresh and update these contacts to improve the quality of the data.

Using an e marketing program such as iQ Mail , developed by iQ Media, to broadcast but also monitor recipient response and interaction effectively, provides a great way to qualify ' suspects' into 'prospects' . You can follow up with the knowledge of areas they may be interested in. Done on a regular (monthly) basis it is a very efficient and effective way to keep reminding your suspects and prospects you are there, and updating them on your proposition. Often it is a case of just maintaining contact. Time and time again we have found the off chance of someone receiving an appropriate email at an opportune moment bears worthwhile fruit !! 

In terms of a campaign we would plan the activity with you for 12 months. Initially we need to make some noise and raise your profile through some proactive marketing, to reach out to new and existing contacts and shout about your value proposition. . So initially it is a case of saying ‘we are here and this is what we do and why it can benefit them. Then provide more targeted information to support your proposition, engage them and encourage them to take action, which is made easy through e marketing linked to a responsive site on a mobile device i.e. case study examples to highlight recent successes of your solution approach, shout about the people, your expertise, experience and keep reinforcing your key message. 

Incorporating video and links to website content is a good way to increase engagement. Newsletter style e shots work well for regular updates and people like to receive them. They are also great for promoting a particular product service or customer loyalty promotion. 

E marketing is a key part of the marketing ammunition to generate quality leads, it doesn't work in isolation, but is a great enabler. For a digital campaign to work and have maximum impact it needs to be supported with telemarketing to follow up of the opens, a good responsive website , good video and website content with clear call to actions and feeding the results into a crm system to track communications and the move from suspect to prospect in your sales pipeline.

Please do get in touch to  discuss how an effective e marketing campaign could enhance your marketing and lead generation process  based on some case study examples. 

Simon Poyser 

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