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Contemplating e-learning?

23 August 2010

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Over recent years there has been a swing towards e-learning platforms, versus more traditional methods.  This is primarily due to the significant benefits  that e-learning can offer, both to the employee and the employer alike.

e-learning provides an organisation and the individual with the scope to utilise bespoke training and learning experiences for all learning styles, across single or multiple locations, which is something that face-to-face training cannot provide, without significant investment in time, energy and money.  This results in significantly reduced costs i.e. travel time, absent from the office, design and print of associated collateral and distribution.

Via an e-learning platform such as iQ Pathfinder, the individuals training and development needs can be reviewed and assessed, allowing specific targets to be set out, for the individual to then learn at their own pace, fast or slow and within their style of learning. 

We have all attended courses where differing learning styles and speeds have led to frustration, for all; e-learning can alleviate this issue, whilst providing a higher quality of bespoke one-to-one training.

As a result of the recession and economic downturn, it may be that you are having to revisit your training and develpment budgets, or you may be assessing the ongoing travel and associated costs incurred, by colleagues and co-workers commuting to remote, external training days. The credit crunch has clearly made everyone look at their planned and anticipated spend and ultimately, this provides a clear opportunity to highlight the potential of e-learning and e-platforms in general.

The key benefits of e-learning are:

  • Reduced costs
  • "On Demand" availability of content as a refresher
  • Consistency of message and quality of content
  • Instanteous delivery of information across multiple locations
  • Reductions in training time
  • Utilise existing collateral i.e. video
  • Portability and ease of access via mobile platforms i.e. PDA's, iPad's, Netbooks etc
  • Immediate response to external forces i.e. changes in legislation
  • Scope to produce "personalised" training and development plans
  • Reduced absence and associated travel costs
  • Statistics profiling achievements
  • Proof of completion\certificate production

It is hard to find any negatives really.

In summary, e-learning is a pivotal form of training and development delivery, harnessing the power of online platforms, for the benefit of both the organisation, employer and employee alike.

For a free assessment of your e-learning potential or to organise a demonstration as to how e-learning could work for you, please email or call 0845 612 7147

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