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Would email marketing work for you?

25 February 2011

Whether in our personal or business lives, we all know how to use email and for many, it is the key form of communication with friends, family and colleagues on a daily basis, 365 days a year.

Within a business context, every email sent to a customer or potential customer should be considered as email marketing; a form of direct marketing, which uses digital platforms to communicate specific commercial messages to identified audiences.

Another word often associated with email marketing is Spam; however in recent years there is an acceptance of email marketing, as a marketing platform due to advances in email marketing software, to alleviate and eradicate spam as part of each individual campaign.

The two main purposes of email marketing:

  • To enhance to relationship of a company with its current customers and to develop increased loyalty and future repeat sales.
  • To attract and acquire new customers.

In the UK, year on year statistics show a 20% increase in the email marketing market and looks set to grow considerably more with almost two-thirds of B2B marketers and one-half of B2C marketers planning to increase their use of email marketing.

The golden rule of marketing is to measure and track everything you do. Email marketing is no different; not only does it provide a platform where you can track your mail, but is also offers significant cost efficiencies vs. traditional direct mail.

Email marketing software, such as iQ Mail will allow you to create email templates, segment your customer data and track open rates, click thru rates and even when your email has been forwarded onto a friend or colleague.  Content and creative design can be adjusted according to response levels and your customer needs.

Having an interesting and informative email newsletter also allows you to offer a sign-up facility on your website, capturing people’s email addresses for future marketing purposes.

Emailing your Current Customers

Email as a media is an extremely cost efficient platform for businesses to facilitate regular, relevant contact with their existing customers.

However, few companies make the most of the email marketing opportunity. By communicating directly with your existing client base, by devising segmented targeted campaigns, based upon buying patterns, location, age etc companies can produce campaigns highlighting special offers and interesting, relevant email newsletters.  These serve to increase awareness of products and services, increase and engender customer loyalty, retain your company, products and services in your customers’ minds, and ultimately generate increased sales volumes.

Attracting and Acquiring New Customers

Email marketing, when managed effectively can be used as an effective, effective prospecting tool.  Email marketing can build awareness and generate a response from the viewer and by utilising existing data or sourcing via a reputable list broker, you can develop a database of prospects, based upon key criteria i.e. location, age, likes and dislikes – the permutations of how data can be accessed and generated are unlimited.

There are 3 main ways in which email marketing can be used to attract new customers:

Using a List Broker

List Brokers are dedicated companies or individuals who can source data, from a variety of sources. If you can provide specific criteria for your target audience, there are numerous ways to source lists of appropriate data.  For example, there are large organisations where their membership may have specific demographics, that closely match those of your target audience.  There is a clear opportunity for organisations to monetorise the value of their customer base.

Cost per Acquisition

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) refers to results-based email marketing, in that payment is only made for each specific action, whether that’s a click-through, new registration, or sale. CPA is similar to affiliate marketing.

Online Questionnaires

Online Questionnaires can be generated and circulated to specific recipients, who have signed up to receive questionnaires on a regular basis. Specific questions can be included by companies in order to garner data, which with the consent of the individual recipients be offered to organisations, looking to source new potential customers with specific likes and dislikes.  For example, food and drink companies can sponsor questions, directed at recipients who have specified a personal interest in “entertaining”, “cooking” or “dining out”. Names and contact details are provided on a cost per thousand basis.

Online Newsletter Subscription

Many companies generate regular newsletters to distribute to their client base.  Archive copies can be retained online to prompt new visitors and potential new customers, to subscribe to receive the latest and subsequent editions.

Newsletters can retain all brand values, i.e. colour ways, logo, imagery and tone of content, whilst promoting latest offers, news and key details relating to your company, products and services.

Visitors need to subscribe and confirm that they are happy to receive subsequent emails; this is called the “opt in”. By opting in, visitors are then consenting for their email and address details, to be utilise for subsequent email marketing campaigns.

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