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Has Snapchat revolutionised the advertising world?

23 June 2016

Has Snapchat revolutionised the advertising world? Image

Snapchat, a company launched only 4 years ago, has potentially revolutionised the advertising world in a way that no one could have expected. With an average of 100 million daily users, the recent changes to the Discover section and the introduction of sponsored selfie filters have allowed for companies to advertise in a new, exciting and engaging way.

When Snapchat first launched the ‘Discover’ section in January 2015, publishers such as The Sun, Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed were quick to be involved. A user would click on the publisher’s circular logo to access the content that had been exclusively generated for Snapchat, this would either be a news article or a video. 

However the recent design changes have had a radical effect, changing from the small circular logo design to a new newspaper design. This has allowed far greater audience interaction, with publishers striving to create intriguing content to entice users to click and view it. These changes have made it far more interesting and compelling than a logo. The Sun believes that these recent changes have already led to a doubling in views of their content. 

Some publishers have criticised Snapchat, stating that not enough data is made available to them, however Snapchat recently announced that it was working with comScore, allowing publishers to measure audiences, brands and consumer behaviour far more closely.  Snapchat’s also recently announced that it would open the platform to select third party advertisers and ad-tech companies for advertisers. 

Snapchat can be seen to have had a revolutionary effect on the advertising world when one looks at statistics. For instance, 9,000 Snapchats are shared every second. More photos are shared on Snapchat than any other social network site. While 44% of 13-24 year old users in the US use live stories and Discover every day. This has meant that publishers such as Cosmopolitan, who have used the feature since its introduction has achieved an average of 3 million viewers a day. This has led to news and magazine publishers experiencing a new form of reader engagement. The cost of this feature for Publishers is allowing Snapchat to take 30% of ad revenue. 

Another way it can be seen as revolutionising the advertising world, is the introduction of companies creating their own geo-filter for a specific location and time. They are an effective marketing tool in promoting your business or event to new audiences. With a 100+ uses of the filter, one can gain 1,000 of views. The University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students recently launched a geo-filter for its Graduation Ball. The filter was available to use for 12 hours and to those who were on campus. The results were remarkable. With over 3,000 uses of the filter, over 100,00 views were gained.

If you’re business would like to explore the use of Snapchat as a new and exciting form of digital marketing, contact us on now. 

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