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The true value of internal communications

04 April 2011

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Your employees and co-workers are as much a part of your brand, as the products you produce, or services you provide. 

Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure that all employees are motivated and feel part of your team.  Making sure that they are aware of the potential impact or value of their actions to the business will ensure that you create a culture of co-operation and a positive working environment.

Effective internal communication can provide a platform which enables interaction and the communication of key messages, values and protocols, on an ongoing basis to ensure that corporate and business objectives are achieved.  Results show that the most successful companies are the ones that value their staff, as their most important asset.  It may be a cliché, but everyone should be pulling in the same direction, to ensure efficiencies and a positive approach to doing business.

Relevant, regular communication with your employees and co-workers shows that you value their input, thoughts and comments and that you are investing in ensuring that they are aware of all business and commercial developments for the company.

iQ Media have a wealth of experience in formulating strategies and tactics for organisations throughout the UK and this can include:

Building a brand from the inside out is vitally important and can generate a true competitive advantage;  advertising and marketing to external audiences makes a promise to the consumer, but your staff and infrastructure serves to deliver the promise itself. 

Effective, professionally developed and designed internal communication strategies will:

  • create a 'can-do' culture
  • engender commitment from your employees, colleagues and co-workers
  • highlight staff achievements
  • generate a commitment to achieving personal and corporate goals
  • boost morale
  • promote team building
  • brand synergy
  • motivate
  • inform all areas of your business at a uniform level
  • promote improved customer service levels

A strategic approach to internal communications, mirroring external marketing and promotional campaigns will ensure economies of scale, whilst reinforcing brand messages, values and identity to all audiences.

iQ Media can help you to develop a tactical or strategic internal communications strategy, allowing you to take your audience with you on a corporate or brand specific journey. 

This can include carrying out an internal communications audit, to identify current levels of awareness, interest and in some cases apathy to corporate messages internally.

The aim will be to empower your employees and co-workers to feel that they can talk about their perception of your company, products and services and engender heightened involvement and ownership of your brand.

iQ Media would then work with you to develop an internal communications strategy which sets out your internal communication objectives and broadly how you will achieve them.

Typically an internal communications plan will include a summary of audit findings, key priorities, aims and objectives, identified communication platforms and tools which can be utilised. When your products or services are purchased, consumers are buying into your brand and ultimately, your employees and co-workers and your internal culture. 

Therefore effective internal communications is vital to encourage and nurture internal brand ownership which will be reflected in the embodiment of your brand within your employees approach, values, commitment and loyalty.

The key to any communications plan is to optimise the opportunities for two-way communications, on an ongoing basis. Your employees need to see that their employer has made an investment in listening to their staff, by visible evidence and that this will continue, into the future.

In our experience, when it comes to exciting, important news, changes or fundamental issues relating to the day to day, employees and co-workers really prefer face-to-face contact with key management personnel. This reinforces the feeling of being valued and allows an opportunity for them to ask questions and enter into discussion, with co-workers etc. 

For more information, or to discuss a particular internal communication need please email or call 0845 612 7147.



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