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Key Marketing Trends for 2011

21 December 2010

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At iQ Media, we predict that 2011 will once again see the Internet being a key driver for both B2B and B2C sectors, facilitating 24\7 access to information and interaction with both company and client. 


The proliferation of online marketing techniques and platforms will continue to reinforce the importance of having a strong, visually and structurally robust platform and online marketing campaign in 2011.  The reach provided by the Internet outweighs those offered by traditional platforms and continues to grow year, on year.


SEO or Search engine optimisation is vitally important and the techniques and industry standards governing activities, will continue to develop.  Structurally robust sites, with strong SEO friendly copy, appropriate links both within the site but externally, with reciprocal links will continue to rank highly and reach out to the maximum number of prospective customers.


Paid Search Advertising is still a very valid element in online marketing activity, according to your market sector.  The trend in 2011 will be a mixture of SEO, natural search, search engines and paid for advertising, including pop ups.


The resurgent power of video and particularly web video will continue apace in 2011.  Web Video and pages containing web video, are proven to consistently rank higher than comparable text only content.  Web video can be utilised within your website but also within social networking profiles, as part of viral campaigns and via popular video websites i.e. YouTube.


Social networking and Social media marketing will continue to gain popularity in 2011, as one of the most effective web based marketing techniques.  Social media and networks enables consumers and companies to interact on a one-to-one basis, enabling assimilation of content, information etc whilst providing the company with valuable data regarding the demands, needs and wants of their target audience.


Mobile applications have become more prevalent in 2010, particularly within business to consumer sectors.  Again, iQ Media see mobile apps maintaining a relevancy throughout 2011, driven by advancements in mobile technologies and demand from the market to “stretch the envelope”, regarding content and functionality.


All of the marketing techniques highlighted are proven to be successful, regardless of your market sector, service, products or audience.  When utilised as part of an integrated marketing strategy, they work in harmony with other core elements including those termed as traditional marketing platforms. 


These include having a strong brand image, which is reiterated across all media platforms i.e. brand design & print (brochures, leaflets, stationary), email marketing as part of a proactive CRM campaign, internal communications via newsletters, events etc and PR activities with targeted press and monitoring services, so that any coverage can be tracked as part of the growing transparency for all brands, across all platforms.


By adopting a SMART approach to all marketing activities, utilising the most appropriate combination of platforms to achieve your objectives and capable to demonstrate a return on investment, you can achieve the maximum benefit for your brand, products and services.


For more information on how to develop and implement a strategic marketing strategy, utilising the latest trends and techniques across all platforms, please email or call 0845 612 7147.

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