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Camera, Action!...or not?

01 July 2010

Camera, Action!...or not? Image

With the advent of all things digital and globalisation of messages, household names, leading brands and companies of all sizes, are running the risk of losing their brand personality and identity, by using platforms which are by nature, remote from their target audience.  For example, a website can convey the brand identity of a product or service, the corporate colours and logo but it has to work hard to convey emotive values and messages clearly and concisely.

Video is by far the most powerful element or collateral that any marketing, brand or product manager can invest in for their product or range of services.

This is due to 3 primary reasons:

1.      Video is compelling; it allows you to convey simple or complex messages to a variety of audiences.  Video can convey the personality of a brand or value of a service to the viewer; a powerpoint presentation simply cannot do that and especially if you are trying to communicate emotive messages, then video can capture both information and emotions.

2.      Video is easy to share and distribute, over a variety of platforms i.e. DVD, Website, Viral Campaigns, E-Training and E-portals such as iQ Pathfinder, E-marketing such as iQ Media's own iQ E-Commercial and also  via Social Networking sites; the advent of social networks and YouTube, which allows you to broadcast video to a worldwide network, ensures that video that is newly produced or pre-existing, is relevant to the viewer, whilst providing the opportunity to highlight the heritage and history of a product or service, whilst promoting the brand and company name. 

Furthermore, the increased popularity of the iPhone means that video can now be distributed via iPhone Apps.

3.       Video provides a versatility i.e. footage can be re-edited or enhanced with new graphics or animations to emphasise key points of interest or key messages.

All companies can benefit from producing video collateral.   Video can be used universally throughout any organisation, to communicate core messages, features and benefits of products and services, interviews with key personnel or promote new company initatives and processes. 

Fundamentally video is:

  • a medium to achieve corporate objectives
  • an aid to increased productivity
  • a catalyst for motivating staff and promoting increased collaboration
  • a environmentally friendly medium, removing the necessity to travel to training courses etc
  • a platform to assist communication of key global messages, across emerging and existing markets
  • a vital element, to optimise brand value and identity within sales, hr, training and marketing departments

Given the platforms that video can be used within, it is a very cost effective media. That said, it is essential that when commissioning a video production, that the investment is justified and promoted as such, internally within any organisation, as it truly is the most tangible platform for conveying the ethos of your company, brand and services.

For more information on how video elements can work for your organisation and how iQ Media can help you, please email or call 0845 612 7147.


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