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Pushing the senses

25 September 2012

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Ever since video games began delighting us in the late 1970’s, we have been yearning to escape our reality and enter these computer generated worlds where we can explore a virtual landscape without leaving home.

Nowadays, technology has become so advanced that we are starting to blur the lines between what is real and computer generated. Think about your average football match highlights on TV where the presenters can pause the game at any given point and view the play from a choice of angles, highlighting the trajectory of the ball or the well timed run from the player.

Then there is gaming technology! Not only are the graphics pushing the limits of photorealism but the experience is further enhanced by the 3D TV experience with split screen gameplay allowing you to see all the action from your own viewpoint.

LG Dual Play Cinema 3D Smart TV - 2 Player gaming on 1 screen

This latest cutting edge technology, known as Augmented Reality, is being driven by video games and mobile phones and is changing the way that users view their world.

Many GPS Apps now incorporate information when your mobile phone scans your immediate surroundings – perfect for pointing out the nearest places of interest, find your nearest tube station or even to find where you parked your car!

Fashion and sports retailers have started to develop apps offering you the chance to see yourself in this season’s collection and even play interactive branded games.

View Adidas Augmented Reality Sneaker Experience here:

Watch Tabletop Augmented Reality Fashion Show here:

Even the Armed Forces are getting involved with an App that allows you to see what you would look like in uniform to help recruit for the Army, Navy and RAF.

Not only is Augmented Reality guaranteed to offer the ‘wow’ factor to any marketing communications it is starting to become an integral and essentially useful marketing and sales tool.

Click here to view our recent Augmented Reality project for SeaRoc.

The boundaries are limitless as to how Augmented Reality could shape our future communications with developments now progressing to include audio, haptic feedback and even smells to enhance our experience.  Already there is talk of its use in the medical and educational arenas and there are real benefits in using this technology in everyday business with powerful and unique customer engagement.

How could you use Augmented Reality in your marketing strategy?

·         Promotions and exhibitions

·         Create virtual environments/showrooms

·         Highlight unique product benefits

·         Sales or training aids

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