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SEO and Social Media Marketing

27 September 2010

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We are are all aware of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for all websites, regardless of the sector, audience, messages etc. 

SEO is one, if not the most cost effective method of promoting your website, plus allows you to remain in complete control, especially from a cost perspective.

However there is true value in developing a common sense approach to optimising content, not only within your own website, but wherever else your brand, products and services may feature, online.  Managing all online activities and content ensures a virtuous benefit across all areas, maintaining methods and processes across all areas of the marketing mix.

One of the key ways to harness this potential is by utilising and actively embracing social media and social media marketing platforms.

Social media and marketing platforms provide an opportunity to develop a two way flow of communication, allowing you to garner soft data relating to customer needs and wants, general feedback on performance of products and services; facilitating valuable information for research and development, focus groups, along with marketing and promotional strategy and planning.

Commonly used platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube along with blogs, podcasts and viral campaigns.

These platforms provide the potential to communicate with both existing and potential customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Key to social media marketing is being able to utilise these direct lines of communication for the best advantage of your brand; a true ear to the ground resource. Social Media can provide real time feedback, engender heightened loyalty, develop advocates, garner support, maximise awareness and ultimately increasing brand voice. 


Social Media Marketing is an all inclusive platform; all age groups, social demo graphic groups have access to social media.

YouTube provides brands, products and services to utilise video clips online, with many brands and household names having their own "video channel" within the site. 

Offering regular, relevant podcasts via your website will not only encourage revisits to your site, but optimise advocacy and referrals from existing clients and consumers.

For more information on Social Media and Social Media Marketing, please visit our downloads page, to download a copy of our Social Media and Social Media Marketing Whitepaper.












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