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The 5 Second Rule

24 September 2012

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Statistics confirm that, whatever media we use, we have only 5 seconds to engage with our audience and using video can boost conversion and time spent on site by up to 9%.

It is proven that viewers are likely to retain 58% more information when watching video and when text and audio is added, retention and comprehension is dramatically enhanced.

SO how can online video capture your audience?

  • Add personality and impact to your brand communications
  • Add interest, aid comprehension and generate a response to your products/services
  • Welcome, advertise and promote
  • Reassure, instruct and educate

We can all appreciate the power of film - it is provocative, emotive, informative and educational appealing to all of our senses and often, transcending language.

From a business perspective, there are no doubts that carefully considered video production can actively improve all aspects of your business activities:

  • Enforce product placement
  • Aid Public Relations
  • Underpin marketing and PR campaigns
  • Increase sales with 64-85% of customers more likely to purchase

Here at iQ Media we have over 25 years of video broadcast experience offering a complete service from initial concepts and creative script writing and our own expert film crews, to in-house editing and production. Click here to view our latest Showreel

Why not get in touch to find out how online video can boost your brand and your next campaign.

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