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The True Value of Web Video

12 October 2010

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Historically, the only way to utilise video for your products and services was to advertise on Terrestrial or Satellite TV, or via your own website.  Now, with the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and the like,  you can simply “broadcast yourself”, to a global audience.

It is clear that video has become one of the largest marketing and promotional activities on the web and has the scope to become even bigger! 

In February 2010, UK internet users watched 5.5bn videos, an increase of 37% year on year. Top 5 reasons for employing web video online

Brands which employ web video campaigns across all online platforms i.e. websites, portals, social networking sites, podcasts etc see significant lifts in repeat purchases and new trials, purchases etc.

It is proven that retail web video viewers will make a purchase online or will visit a store to find out more, or contact the retailer for more information.

Web video and video landing pages generate higher engagement with the viewer vs. static images and text landing pages.  Optimised web video is 53 more times likely to appear on the front page of Google, vs. text only pages with similar content*.

At least 50% of the top 50 internet retailers utilise web video, so if they are investing in it, it must be profitable and beneficial to their business.      *Source Forrester Research. Jan 2010

With the advent of mobile apps, and the types of video being watched changing i.e. high definition content, video is clearly able to adapt with the ever changing demands of the internets veracious appetite for visually appealing, engaging media.   By creating web videos, it enables you to develop a relationship with the viewer, so that potential clients will visit and engage with your company, products and services “virtually”, before taking the step of committing to your company, products or services “personally”.

Web video does not solely mean “viral videos”.  Knowing how to make video work for you and your desired audience is key; viral videos for example should be designed to stimulate sharing, discussion and distribution and therefore the content, style and tone of viral video should engender this process, almost compelling the recipient to share.  Typically these visually appealing, amusing but informative productions are shared and published across various social networking platforms.

If you have web content on your website, and this is clearly shown to be a popular page within the site, then anyone visiting your site obviously is interested, or at the very least curious about your company, brands, products and services can offer them. Web video helps to transform that initial interest, into the desired response.  Utilising web video across social networking sites and video podcasts has a virtuous benefit on all other SEO activities, at the heart of all other marketing activities.

Video is the only medium which enables you to make your audience sit up and take notice of your brand. Click here to view our own 60 second showreel.

By ensuring that your web video is entertaining yet informative, reinforcing your brand values, features and benefits etc, Marketing, Brand and Product Managers can utilise video to engage with their audience.

Content should never be underestimated as it allows brands, products and services to set themselves apart from their competitors, obtain level of brand voice within a crowded marketplace, whilst maintaining communication with an increasingly discerning audience.

Video is an emotive, powerful medium.  It allows you to convey a thousand words and images, to a global audience, clearly and succinctly.

As technology becomes ever more power, the true value of video to your business will be self evident; It’s value to existing, lapsed or prospective consumers, continuing to communicate your brand's values, identity and proposition, primarily by maximising brand awareness but also driving traffic to your website is clear.

There are numerous ways which you can utilise new or existing video collateral, for the benefit of your brand, products and services.

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Video Case Studies
  • Man-On-the-Street Interviews - "Vox Pops"
  • Product Presentations/Video Brochures
  • Product Demonstrations - "How to...." Videos
  • Product Reviews by third parties
  • Corporate Overview or Facilities tour
  • Presentations, Trade Shows and Events
  • Training and support video
  • Commercials and Infomercials

As video is such an engaging platform, its value lies in its ability to directly promote products and services, whilst also playing a supporting role within the marketing mix.

Google Rankings

Studies by Forrester Research suggest that videos themselves have a 53 times better chance of appearing on the first page of “blended” search results, then other web pages. Videos can be optimised for search engines by writing keywords into the titles, tags and descriptions.  This data is then embedded with the video, on pages carrying relevant text.

Video streaming through social networking sites increased 98% year on year in 2009, according to Nielsen and the equivalent of 46.2 years of YouTube videos are watched via Facebook, every day.

Video collateral should always be produced with the audience in mind, not necessarily the platform within which it is going to be seen. 

Repurposing of existing collateral is a valid option, as is ensuring that any creative brief for video production takes into account cross utilisation across all platforms, as part of the planning process.

How iQ Media can help you optimise web video’s value to your brands, products and services.

With over 25 years experience of producing video for household names, multi national organisations, SME’s and Franchises throughout the UK, iQ Media will work with you to produce new video collateral or repurposing of existing material; our team of experienced and skilled writers, directors, editors and camera crew will produce footage and programmes which meet your initial objectives whilst ensuring that the broadcast quality footage can be utilised online and offline.

For more information on how web video could work for your company, brands, products and services please call 0845 612 7147 or email  

Download our latest Web Video White Paper, by visiting our downloads area by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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