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iQ Media's Top 10 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

04 July 2011

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1. Start at the end and work backwards! 

Designers and developers like to work with clients who have clearly defined objectives, which does not  include specifics of how the site should look.  Functionality and structure are key for any new website or online presence, as it needs to be robust, dynamic but also reactive to external forces. 

Think about who you wish to visit your site and how you wish them to respond and also look beyond your address and think about those leading social media marketing platforms and relevant organisations and forums, that you would like to link to from your website.  To download our white paper on Social Media Marketing, please click here


2. Test, Review, Develop and Test again

During the process of your sites development, design and construction, garner feedback from people around you and ideally include some external user testing; it is your decision as to whether or not you action their comments.  Any feedback you can provide to Designers and Developers is valuable,  as it may include elements which will have a beneficial impact on the site, in the long term.

Review what your competitors or peers are doing online and look to emulate their activities whilst developing your own online identity. 

Plus you need to build in scope for your site to develop and evolve in line with changes in technology but also development of new service lines and products, in addition to overall functionality and content style.


3. Content is King!

Within your new site, content has to be viewed as king!  Fresh, relevant and regularly updated content helps to optimise your site’s search engine rankings, plus provides visitors with content that they can trust, which also prompts revisits and advocacy. Producing online copy is different than for offline platforms, but simple rules and procedures can be implemented to ensure that your online copy is on brand, whilst being produced in a SEO friendly way. 

A site with an easy to negotiate structure, leading the viewer to information quickly and effectively is worth its weight in gold. 

iQ Media’s CMS platform iQ Core enables the user to add new pages and sections, upload new content, images and video clips, whilst being able to manage SEO rich phrases and internal page links.


4. Utilise Google Analytics

It’s a really good analytics tool which is now completely FREE!   It can be embedded within your site to provide robust, relevant and real time feedback and data on the sites traffic, visitors and overall performance.  The data you will gain will be a real help in identifying opportunities and areas for development.


5. Branded emails!

A professionally designed email template, which can be utilised within Microsoft Outlook can project the appropriate image for your company, across  “day-to-day” activities, reinforcing your identify, brand values etc.  Outbound marketing campaigns can also be developed utilising proprietory email marketing platforms such as iQ Mail.

iQ Mail can provide you with received, opened and read statistics allowing you to effectively target warm and hot prospects, whilst managing and developing your customer data.


6. Don’t bank on PPC alone!

Pay Per Click activities are typically market driven and therefore you are open to significant price pressures, when bidding on specific search terms. 

Pay Per Click should always be viewed as  a secondary option, with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) being a far more effective, efficient long term strategy. 

iQ Media can work with you on SEO strategies and implementation, including Content Management via our iQ Core CMS platform, which provides integrated SEO management functionality.

Look at your content and ensure that your copy is SEO rich, whilst remaining relevant within the site itself.  

Utilising video elements can have a significantly beneficial affect on SEO rankings, it is has been proven to rank higher than comparable text only content.    Links from leading social media marketing platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will search to drive traffic to your website, whilst increasing the medias opportunity to be seen, by a wider audience.


7. Death by Download!

If your website is off line or taking ages to download, then you run the risk of the viewer moving onto another site, which downloads quicker.   If your websites hosting is not achieving satisfactory upload or page load times, change hosting supplier now! 

People no longer expect to wait more than a few seconds, to view your site and the resulting bounce rates can have a negative impact on SEO and conversion rates.


8. Testimonials

Before commissioning a project, ask to speak to some previous clients of your chosen web design or creative agency.  iQ Media and other leading creative agencies will be able to provide you with full contact details and an overview as to the services undertaken for clients, by service line.

Many clients will also be happy to disclose non sensitive details in relation to the results and return achieved, on their initial investment.


9. Don’t stagnate – innovate!

The Internet and digital platforms as a whole are evolving on a daily basis; as a leading marketer it is imperative that you keep up to speed with the latest trends and techniques available for your brands, products and services.


10. Go Mobile and beyond!

In the world of digital marketing, iQ Media recommend that our clients keep themselves up to date with the latest developments, in order to gain a competitive advantage vs. their competitors.  For example, mobile technologies including iPhone and Android Smartphone platforms are growing in popularity and prevalence, in addition to Bluetooth marketing and SMS SmartCodes for example. 

Simon Poyser, MD of iQ Media is a leading authority on digital media and technologies and regularly meets to chat with our existing clients, to provide a brief overview as to the latest developments, without any obligation.


For more information or if you would like to discuss digital creative marketing platforms and strategies in more depth, then please get in touch by email to or call 0845 612 7147.

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