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Building a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

30 August 2011

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Building a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign 


Some products are more suited to viral advertising than others, but in general almost any product or service can be advertised using viral marketing.


It may be a case of stating the obvious but the key to a successful viral marketing campaign should be to begin with the development of effective creative content ideas which will capture attention and ultimately evoke the desired response whether video, animation or an interactive game.


The production of creative content is vital but getting the message out there, seeding a viral ad is equally important.


Seeding refers to the placement of the viral marketing campaign. The placement should be with leading sector and independent blogs and forums, online newsletters, social media platforms,  via email campaigns, microsites and video content sites such as YouTube. This way, the campaign will receive maximum exposure.


Five Key Elements of a Viral Marketing Campaign


1. Give away products or services


The word “free” attracts always attention, whether it’s free software, a free trial, or free download. If you can’t give anything away for free consider holding a competition.


2. Allow effortless transfer to others


As the name implies, viral campaigns only spread if they can be transmitted easily. Display the viral content on your website, together with an ‘Email a Friend’ button. If posted on your blog add a line of links to the main social networking sites.


3. Exploit our human motivations and behaviour


The desire to be popular, liked or to help others, drives people to respond or react. Developing a viral campaign will harness these emotions and motivations.


4. Utilise existing communication networks and other people’s resources


Utilise social media networks, across blogs, forums, email activities etc. Also look to utilise associated websites to host the content, building in a benefit to them and their readership.


5. Scaleability


Always try to ensure that you and your resources can cope with the potential popularity of your campaign.  Simple things like having sufficient bandwidth on your website, to facilitate increased visits and downloads. There is nothing worse than having a really great viral campaign ready to roll, only for your website not to be able to cope with increased visitor numbers.


Remember; one reason why it’s so important to use a full service digital marketing agency like iQ Media,  is that they provide the complete solution from developing effective creative content through to seeding  the viral campaign, ready for your target audience to view.


Viral Marketing, by the nature of how it exists, is extremely unpredictable.  Always be prepared for the unexpected, i.e. an increased following in new regions which need to be serviced, increased website traffic and the ability to develop your brand personality with a series of viral adverts , which can be preplanned but evolved in order to cultivate the required response.


To learn more about how viral marketing could work for your Company, Products and Services, then please get in touch at or call 0845 612 7147

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