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Why Your Business Needs An App

29 June 2016

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Why your business needs its own app.

To some businesses the cost of an app may be the main reason why they don’t have their own app. Or it may be the lack of expertise they have in that area. IQ Media have extensive experience producing apps for a wide range of customers. We believe that apps are too important a marketing tool for small business to do without. They offer a new form of customer engagement, accelerating contact with your company, whilst at the same time building a more recognisable brand for your company. 

Some may argue that a mobile website may be more beneficial, however in app capabilities are far more useful, for example you can optimise the camera, sensors, geolocation and biometrics. The use of push notifications can also act as a reminder to users to regularly visit your app. 

90% of mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps, consumers prefer to research products with branded apps, they are more likely to buy the product within an hour of viewing it on an app, and recent research has found that 3 in 10 consumers began their path to purchase on a branded mobile app. Having your own app creates engagement by engaging new customers and convincing them to download your app. This builds loyalty whilst also expanding social reach while delivering a personalised shopping experience. Your brand will grow due to the visual design that customers will recognise your app by. 

In an era, where we are more and more dependent on our mobile phones and when the worldwide annual gross revenue of apps is still rapidly rising, you don’t want to miss out on this effective and exciting new marketing tool. IQ Media has expert app builders who can build an app for your company that will improve customer service, increase sales, and most importantly, deliver results.

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