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A ‘Clean-Cut’ Approach to TechnologyESR Technology


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ESR Technologies, a leading engineering safety and risk management consultancy, drew on the expertise of iQ media’s video production wing to create a new and engaging promotional video for their multi-facetted business.

With few visual assets to draw on, iQ media was required to film new material and source suitable additional visuals. This was greatly aided by being able to draw on our extensive inhouse video library.

Working within design guidelines set by a recent brand modernisation exercise, we effectively adapted the existing styles and graphics to blend seamlessly with all ESR’s other promotional assets. The editing involved clean-cut video areas set against a branded white background, with a complimentary area for support captions and business information, when the soundtrack was not employed.

Our visually modern approach to the presentation was enhanced by multi-layer spatial graphic sequences to segue between business sectors and to subtly introduce title graphics.
The fruits of iQ’s visionary presentation are already being felt at exhibitions and direct promotions across the UK and Europe.

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The Client: ESR Technology

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