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Irish blinds retail chain, ACME Blinds, was flagging in the advertising ratings and needed a fast solution to maximise their airtime spend.

Having exhausted the possibilities at home, and with a limited advertising budget, they decided to go shopping for a production company in the UK.

With 30 stores across Ireland, ACME Blinds was a known brand but wanted to increase it’s market share through television and radio advertising. Having a modest annual advertising budget, they had traditionally employed the services of broadcast stations in Ireland, buying package deals for airtime with production ‘thrown in’. The commercials had very little screen presence and the results had been minimal. The Tipperary based company decided to slightly revise their advertising budget and approached iQ media for a fresh take on their public image.

All commercials were set to uplifting music beds; with a native Irish female voice artist providing the new, appealing brand personality. ACME Blinds were delighted with the results and soon saw the commercials delivering the desired results. The success of the television commercials then led to iQ media producing a radio commercial with new ‘jingle’ and a series of press adverts, amendable for each store location.

The success of the TV commercials led to the production of a new radio commercial requiring the writing and recording of a bespoke soundtrack and closing jingle. The results, 'were very professional and much more successful that those previously produced'.

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The Client: Acme Blinds

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