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When Snap-on Tools UK decided to celebrate their 40th anniversary, with a mega-bash in Birmingham, they decided to go with a safe pair of hands. Having previously used the iQ Media Live Events team for their 35th anniversary, Millennium celebrations at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, iQ Media was the first choice to once again organise Snap-on’s biggest ever celebration party.

The prestigious event was held at the International Conference Centre  for an audience of 1,150 dealers and their partners. The theme of a Top 40 Chart Run-down gelled perfectly with Snap-on’s desire to celebrate their 40th Anniversary in the UK and re-live the company’s history and achievements over the four decades.

Snap-on’s brand colours also lent themselves to the Ruby Anniversary with the set designed to be swathed in red, featuring a huge proscenium arch to the front of stage, which created an aperture to the presentation and show area of the stage. 40th anniversary branding and 3D Snap-on logos adorned the arch and red back-drop. Creative stage lighting helped transform the extensive stage area and the brand theme was continued to the roof sails by the use of red wash and white Snap-on logo gobos.

Poptastic Presentations

With the resounding success of the millennium event, the 2005 celebrations were required to be even more spectacular. So, to create a spectacle on the required scale, two 5m x 3.75m projection screens were hoisted at each side of the stage and surrounded by a sea of starcloth. These would carry the visual presentations for the awards ceremony. Throughout the awards dinner the screens featured an eclectic mix of imagery, old and new, containing past and present staff members, Snap-on Dealers and archive material, assembled to appear randomly against animating graphics.

The feature presentation was hosted by the cultural icons Smashy and Nicey (look-alikes) who powered onto stage to “You Ain’t seen Nothing’ Yet”. The duo then took the audience through 4 decades of Snap-on History in true Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman style. Each decade was designed to visually emulate the style of the time and contained topical archive film material and key Snap-on milestones.

Awards were presented intervals through the chart run-down with the winners having video testimonials shot in their territories across the UK and Ireland.
The evening was rounded off by a 12-piece band playing many hits (and some misses) from years gone by, with a guest appearance from Ozzy Osbourne – another look-alike.

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