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Websites, mobile websites, apps, email & online marketing and SEO – we offer digital expertise you can trust,  that makes a difference.
In the ever advancing world of digital communications, having an integrated suite of communication platforms is key to the successful marketing and promotion of your business and services.

iQ Media designs and builds responsive websites, mobile applications and email and online marketing campaigns using the latest web technologies, that are creatively crafted to reach and engage your clients, regardless of the access platform they employ.

We have an exciting range of innovative digital delivery platforms, design and built to be visually appealing, structurally dynamic and search engine optimised. These include websites, e-portals, websites for mobile devices, e-marketing platforms and interactive training and induction platforms.

We have developed specific e-products:

  • iQ Ecommercial – enabling you to send video content via a branded html email
  • iQ Core – our own content management system
  • iQ Mail – our mass-email marketing system
  • iQ Pathfinder – our online learning and induction package
  • iQ Event – a comprehensive online event booking system.
  • We continually research an invest in the latest ‘trending’ technologies, such as augmented reality, and provide our clients new and exciting game changing solutions enabling them to stay at the cutting edge of digital media communications.

We create:

  • Responsive websites, extranets and Intranets
  • Mobile apps and websites
  • WordPress and bespoke Content management systems
  • E-Learning digital portals and platforms
  • E-marketing and digital marketing
  • Video optimisation across all digital platforms including Video streaming
  • SEO & paid placement campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Interactive presentations
  • Podcasts and Video Podcasts
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