Mobile Apps

Revolutionise you business with an app..
Mobile Apps
A mobile app is the ideal platform to provide marketers, across all sectors with instant exposure, heightened brand awareness and improved brand recognition, whilst increasing market share; whilst providing useful, relevant content to your target audience.

iQ Media can work with you to produce a mobile app, which will be used and referred to regularly, actively promoted by a growing band of “advocates”, which will have longevity and will be retained by the user, ensuring ongoing brand engagement and advocacy.

Our team will work with you to implement a full strategic plan for the launch of your mobile app:

Idea Development
Providing guidance on mobile apps
What’s technically feasible, commercial viability
Potential for revenue stream i.e. access to restricted features, virtual elements i.e. e-books
Product Specification to implementation
Project Management
Implementation and Testing; knowledgeable resource on hand to resolve technical issues
Product Launch; guidance on how to submitting your App to the Apple app Store
Pre and Post Launch Marketing and Promotion
iQ Media can help you identify the pros and cons of mobile apps for your services, products and brands. To learn more and hear about recent projects, please email or call 0845 612 7147.