Professional Photography

‘ A good picture is worth a thousand words!’

iQ Media offers corporate photography with experienced photographers, we provide a wide range of location and studio based commercial photography for a broad spectrum of clients! We are based in Manchester, London, Cambridge and Cheshire but work across the UK and Europe.

Professional photography is often viewed as the first impression for potential customers, therefore it should be the first element you think of when commencing any marketing activity.

Professional photography can help your customers identify you against an array of competitors similar to you; increasing traffic to your website, selling your product or service and increasing the perceived quality. Additionally, the high resolution of professional photography allows it to be used cross-platform, boosting the strength of a campaign and the brand identity.

With over 30 years experience, we work hard to use our creative and technical expertise to produce images that capture and convey the essential essence of your brand or marketing campaign, to capture imaginations and build the desired affinity with your target audiences. We use high quality equipment to produce unique and visually stunning imagery.

Our services include:

  • Commercial and Industrial photography
  • Case study and Project photography
  • Company event photography
  • Product launch imagery
  • Business portraits
  • Website imagery
  • Construction and factory photography

Please get in touch to discuss your photo or video requirements, and how we could assist you, at