3D Animation

Visualisations to wow your audience and aid understanding.

3D Animation

The use of photo realistic 3D animation makes the intangible tangible, enabling brands to
interact with audiences, grabbing the attention of the viewer through the use of vibrant, exciting, stimulating imagery.

3D animated sequences are not only visually appealing with temendous wow factor but they can aid comprehension of how a process or product works. This enables you to promote key aspects of your business, products or services; whether a new prestigious propery development, a new product or service with key USP’s vs. your competitors.

IQ Media animators have considerable experience in produce high quality animation for a wide range of sectors including retail, technology, engineering, construction and pharmaceutical. We can extend the 3D experience by the production of 3D Stereo animation or Virtual Reality applications.

Please contact us to discuss a possible project requirement or for more information on on the state of the art 3D animation and virtual reality services offered by IQ Media and to see some examples of our work please email solutions@iqmediagroup.co.uk or call 0845 612 7147.

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