We often get asked by clients for advice on what they should wear in front of camera to look their best. Whilst this might seem  like a small detail it is worth giving it some consideration as part of the preparation, as it can have an impact on effectiveness of your video, in terms of  the overall look and feel, and if this is appropriate for the tone of the messages to be conveyed.
With modern 4k resolutions cameras it is a lot less critical than it used to be, but there are some general rules that are worth sharing with your team in terms of what to wear in preparation for their video interview:
1. Avoid clothing and ties with busy patterns, stripes checks, the camera can make these look like they are moving around.
2. Intense reds – can bleed and make your face look red!
3. Avoid pure whites, reds and blacks – the camera can struggle with contrast between black and white. Avoid all white, black or red outfits.
4. Try to wear colours that complement your complexion
5. Avoid bright or very glossy lip stick.
6. Wear subtle jewellery avoid dangly or flashy jewellery
7. Glasses – non reflective lenses are preferred.
8. Avoid both really loose and really tight clothing.
9. Avoid green if we are filming you against a green screen as these areas will become invisible.
Dress as normal ie. appropriate for the story being told, culture of the business and tone of the video  ( professional or laid back, casual).
You may want to consider bringing a spare outfit just in case and your make up bag ( if you wear it) whilst the crew will have some dulling make up to prevent any bright shiny hotspots appearing from the heat of the lights!
We hope you find these tips useful and we will do our best to ensure you enjoy your starring role in front of camera, with your outfit playing an important supporting role!