How to achieve significant results with Video

How to achieve significant results with Video

As the most emotive form of communication, video is the ultimate medium for grabbing the attention of any audience; you can convey a multitude of messages, in an interesting, visually appealing yet informative way.

But for many companies and organisations  who haven’t previously invested in video, it is sometimes hard to justify the cost, or appreciate the true value of video – to your brand, products and services.  So how can you justify investing some of your marketing budget on video content?

A well produced video will not only allow you to significantly extend your  ability to reach and engage with new audiences, but also deliver a measurable return on your investment, if distributed correctly. Your video should be researched and professionally produced to evoke the desired response from your audiences. If done correctly this will not only enhance and shorten the lead generation process, but will also significantly improve the quality and value of the lead generated or outcome achieved.

Basically – the more video content that you can produce, the better!  Here are some suggestions for how you can capitalise on our continued and growing love for video!

  • Online Video

Online video is a very valuable piece of collateral particularly for both B2B and B2C marketers; simply because today’s audiences love to watch video online.  It adds true value to your proposition, can set you head and shoulders above your competitors, plus it provides a platform which allows them to get to know more about you, at the click of a mouse.  Independent studies including Forrester, show that online web-video improves SEO rankings, click through rates and ultimately sales conversions.

  • Repurpose existing collateral

If you have existing collateral, that is still relevant and does not look old or can be aged by dress, functionality of products, changes in laws etc, then you can re-edit, freshen, update and repurpose for a new online environment.  By launching online, via your website but also via the most popular and appropriate social media networks i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc, you  are showcasing content that may not have been seen by the wider public.

  • Viral and Social Media Marketing

Video is portable!  You can prompt viral activity by producing an interesting, amusing, visually appealing or informative clip, which can be emailed from recipient to recipient.  In our busy world, having the choice of watching a 3 minute video clip or reading a whitepaper, the vast majority would choose to watch the video. By adding one click sharing tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc you can share content easily and quickly.

  • Produce New Collateral

Create video case studies – we have found these can be extremely powerful, when  carefully produced  to tell an interesting and engaging story that brings to life how your skills, expertise and solutions have made a lasting and significant impact.

Produce Webinars: film collateral which can then be utilised online, by subscription but also reedited into shorter video clips, by topic if appropriate.  You could also tease your audience by producing a brief video teaser, flagging the forthcoming webinar, product launch etc which should help to stimulate registrations.

Promotional loop video for Tradeshows and Conferences: collate or produce promotional loop videos for use at relevant events, tradeshows and conferences which can act to attract visitors to your stand, but also reinforce key brand messages, values and propositions to a captive audience.

“Vox Pop” testimonials from existing clients:  Filming of testimonials can be organised independently or for an unusual twist. Why not film at your events and conferences and post clips on your website, social media marketing sites, or a specific micro site relevant to the event itself.  Vox Pop testimonials will serve to position your company as a leading organisation within your sector, prompt viewing and advocacy from existing clients, whilst providing you with the opportunity to interact within social media networks, in real time.

Q&A, Roundtable or Forum:  Another idea would be to organise a Q&A, roundtable discussion or forum, specific to your products and services, which would discuss key industry specific issues and film the discussion. This would then provide bespoke topical pieces, which are relevant to your specific client base, optimising your exposure, whilst allowing others to benchmark you vs. your competitors.  According to Forrester:  “..Marketers recognise the power of video for creating emotional, engaging connections with prospects, most struggle to make this medium personal and persuasive. As production costs drop, capturing buyer attention with video requires Marketers to step outside their comfort zone and replace lacklustre corporate collateral with live-action demonstrations and stories.”

Video Executive Summaries – create short video executive summaries, highlighting new initiatives, legislation or processes, or simply an overview of the Annual Report for your Company.

Create a video micro site: A micro site is ideal for videos and video clips.  If you can commit to producing real, visually appealing content in line with your marketing strategy, then producing a micro site will provide the idea platform to publish and showcase your new collateral.

So, to summarise, by conveying the human face of your company, products, services and your existing client-base, you establish an identity and personality for your company, enabling you to capture the attention of your target audience whilst projecting credibility to a wider audience.

iQ Media has been producing effective videos for a wide range of clients for over 25 years. We have extensive, state of the art in-house facilities which allows us to provide a complete service; over which we have complete control from script, through filming, editing and 2d or 3d graphics through effective social media distribution and upload onto your website.

Our aim is to provide a creative, value for money service of the highest quality service, that delivers results and to help us achieve this we have a number of cost effective video production packages which include the IQ-video bulletin, the IQ-infomercial and the IQ-video brochure.

To learn more about how investing in video can work for you, please  do get in contact by  calling +44 1625 418666, visit our website or email We can then discuss requirements and ideas to meet your needs and provide you with comparative proposals.

Please take a look at the IQ Media video showreel for some recent examples of our work.



Please refer to this article for further tips on how to Improve Your Exhibition Success with digital communications

Improve Your Exhibition Success!


Optimising your return from exhibiting in terms of the quality of leads generated, is absolutely essential. To achieve this, you need to ensure you attract attendees with a very clear message. So that they quickly understand how your products and services will deliver value, to make their lives easier by solving their most pressing needs. In addition to having a well prepared sales and marketing team, on a smart welcoming stand to meet potential customers and showcase your products, the key to generating quality leads from exhibitions, is all in the ability to support your efforts with effective digital communications.

Here are some of the key things you need to consider:

  1. Ensure you have a responsive up to date website, with effective call to action forms to capture data, with a dedicated landing page specifically for the exhibition.
  2. Make your stand social – encourage your team and visitors to post updates and photos, across social media platforms to generate interest. To reach and build a wider audience of followers, through a planned campaign.
  3. Use Email Marketing to let your target market know you are attending. Encourage attendance and follow up interested leads after the exhibition through a coordinated campaign.
  4. Promote your products and services uniqueness to deliver key messages with impact and consistency, through the production of emotive, upbeat videos that tell an impressive and interesting story.
  5. Wow and attract attendees to your stand with dynamic 3D or infographic animations to explain the key features and benefits of your product technology and service, whilst explaining how it works. These and well produced videos will help to qualify leads on the stand whilst aiding post exhibition lead conversion, by sharing the content on your website and across the social media channels.
  6. Encourage visitor engagement and understanding on the stand by producing an app that allows the users to interactively view your products and services, and calculate the economic impact on their business.  Or they can be attracted to have some fun and play a game app, that allows you to capture visitor data and deliver your key messages in a fun and memorable way.
  7. Impress and immerse you customers into your products through the use of augmented and virtual reality experiences, which will have attendees queuing to have a go!
  8. Finally produce a video of your exhibition stand to share and showcase your latest products with a much wider audience of prospects, who weren’t able to attend the exhibition by sharing via social media.

We hope you find these suggestions useful and they are just some of the ways in which you can increase your exhibition success through the effective use of digital communications. To find a solution that meets your needs please call 01625 418668.

If you would like to discuss making your exhibition communications more effective, please call Jackie on 01625 418668 or email