New website for Capula enhances market presence

New website for Capula enhances market presence

IQ Media has just designed and developed a new online presence and website for Capula a leading independent technology company that implements control, automation and real-time IT solutions across multiple sectors.

In addition to a strong presentation of the brand mark and proposition, key content and landing areas on the homepage includes an animating video banner of images showing a range of impressive projects to grab attention, wow the visitor, whilst showing the consultation, automation, IT and support services on offer.

A key objective of the new website was to help Capula to promote and attract key target market projects. This was achieved by iQ Media focusing the content on market rather than product and service orientated solutions.

In addition to the main navigation menu  and video banner the home page contains  visual landing areas to promote their key services, technologies, latest news, key  statistics and a twitter feed to provide up to the minute updates.  The website is fully responsive and this combined with the home page and sub pages incorporating prominent call to actions helps to drive visitor engagement, with an effective presentation of the content across all devices.

IQ Media developed a number of bespoke  modules for the website and  a vacancies portal that allows Capula to easily  promote regional and sector  career opportunities on the site. The site content is now maintained and updated on a daily basis by the Capula Communication team, through an easy to use CMS system.

Mark Hardy Capula’s Managing Director commented ‘We pride ourselves on being an independent system integrator offering first-class solutions and the new website allows users to share details of our specialist solutions and pages that interest them with others across social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and more.

The new website allows visitors to have a very informative experience and it provides an excellent platform to showcase our technologies as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.’

Please contact us for more information and to find out how iQ Media can help enhance your digital communications and online presence.



Sticky Digital Marketing works for F Ball & Co

Sticky Digital Marketing works for F Ball & Co

IQ Media has worked for F Ball & Co for over 18 years helping them to develop their market leading position through  innovative and effective  digital communications which include – responsive websites ,web applications, corporate videos, numerous training and product launch videos , Recommended Adhesive Guide apps, their own content player the iBall Player and effective use of social media channels, supported with an effective SEO campaign..

We first built and launched their very successful Recommended Adhesive Guide (RAG) App in 2011, this has been updated quarterly with over 5000 downloads since launch and over 300 interactions each week. The RAG App is used regularly by architects, specifiers and contractors.

We have used the above to develop targeted highly effective lines of communications with contractors, wholesalers and specifiers that drive sales significantly from launch and promote products, reduce costly returns through incorrect product usage, whilst providing a high level of customer service through valuable training.

Digital Campaign Delivers for Arthur Spriggs & Sons

Digital Campaign Delivers for Arthur Spriggs & Sons

Digital Campaign Delivers For Arthur Spriggs & Sons Image

IQ media were recently appointed to work with Arthur Spriggs & Sons, one of the UK’s leading providers of haulage, commercial vehicle service and repair solutions. The  need was to develop and implement a digital marketing campaign that would help the company increase its online presence significantly and market the business more effectively, to generate more leads.

After researching and brainstorming with the company, two new responsive websites were launched.  These included a corporate site to promote their service ethos and range of services including haulage, commercial vehicle servicing, palletising and warehousing.  The other website is dedicated to promoting their Mercedes Benz Parts and Service dealership. The sites are fully responsive to help drive engagement across all devices, with clear call to actions and Arthur Spriggs & Sons can manage the content updates through the easy to use content management system developed by IQ Media.

The distinctive blue and red of the Arthur Spriggs & Sons branding, as used on the livery on their vehicles was reflected and reinforced in the design of the site. All the content for the site was created by IQ Media. This included professional photography to showcase their services, fleet  and facilities. A  corporate video was produced to provide the visitor with an insight and overview of the range of services now provided, whilst conveying the pedigree and service values; the business has maintained as an independent family run business, since its inception nearly 100 years ago .  An exciting video outlining Arthur Spriggs & Sons longstanding role as  the transport and logistics partner for the Bloodhound Project was also produced to help promote the company’s  logistics expertise and drive engagement.

Website visits have increased by over 77% since the launch of the new sites, with a similar increase enquiries generated directly and via the website forms.

IQ Media help their clients to communicate and compete effectively, by developing marketing strategies and providing digital communication solutions that deliver game changing results.

Please contact us to explore how our services could benefit your business.

iQ Media helps Permaflor rise from the ashes

iQ Media helps Permaflor rise from the ashes

IQ Media helps Permaflor rise from the ashes Image


Permaflor the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of raised accessed flooring systems, suffered a catastrophic fire in April 2013. Despite the complete destruction of their production facility, the directors of the company promised their customers they would rise from the ashes.

Within hours of the fire Permaflor was identifying new premises and facilities, whilst taking immediate steps to ensure customer expectations could be fulfilled.

Fortunately all company data was hosted remotely off-site, through their sister company Databax, who provide cloud and offsite hosting solutions. They quickly provided the necessary IT support to ensure all records could be accessed without interruption, which proved to be invaluable, in helping Permaflor to maintain business as usual. The insurers and loss adjusters appreciated the leading position Permaflor has within the industry and provided the necessary support to get the production lines working, as soon as possible.

As a consequence of the fire, the company experienced a significant fall in turnover and needed to move extremely quickly and effectively to restore and regain customer confidence.

Given the urgency of the situation, a number of agencies were invited to submit proposals at very short notice, for a marketing campaign that would help Permaflor recover lost sales as quickly as possible. IQ Media was selected as their proposal was based on a digital marketing campaign, rather than a traditional advertising and PR campaign. This approach was chosen because it would have an immediate impact and deliver measurable results upon which the campaign could be developed.

Simon Poyser Managing Director of iQ Media explains their approach ‘Although time was clearly of the essence, rather than launch straight into the campaign, we felt it was essential to undertake a quick strategic review, to fully understand the business and its market opportunity. This was achieved by holding an ‘anything goes’  brainstorm session with the management and sales team.  Key areas such as customer segments, value propositions and the relationship with customers were considered, whilst setting some targets for both profitability and turnover. This was then reviewed and developed into a marketing plan by IQ Media, with a number of key actions to achieve the targets. ‘

This approach proved to be invaluable as it highlighted the key strengths of the business. This led to the development of its key proposition and delivery of the key messages through the creation of effective digital marketing collateral. The brainstorm session also identified a number of new customer segments along with an increased range of tailored services.

The campaign involved building and launching a new website for Permaflor, to firstly refresh its online presence and reinforce that it was very much open for business. A video was produced with the Director / General Manager providing a very personal statement to customers and suppliers, to thank them for their support, whilst showcasing the new production facilities.

This was used as part of an extensive  e marketing  and subsequent telemarketing campaign to update existing and prospective customers on Permaflor’s recovery and new offering.

The campaign managed to restore and double the post fire monthly turnover within two monthsof launch. This was achieved by not only increasing the quantity of orders, but also through revisiting the target market and the proposition which significantly increased the value of the orders. Visitor numbers to the website and inbound orders were more than trebled and the time spent on the website by visitors has doubled.

Permaflor has now fully recovered from the fire in just under 6 months and the company has a healthier order book than prior to the fire.

For more information, please contact Simon Poyser at iQ Media 01625 418667 / 07734 768342 or

IQ Media helps NRC to reach new heights

IQ Media helps NRC to reach new heights

IQ Media helps NRC Plant to reach new heights Image

Integrated Campaign helps NRC Plant to reach new heights

NRC Plant , the UK’s leading crawler and telescopic crane specialist appointed IQ Media to develop a marketing campaign, that would help them increase the awareness of the NRC brand to significantly increase their turnover from both crane hire and sales.

IQ undertook a strategic review of the marketing needs of the business model with the senior management team. This was then developed into a marketing plan that identified the channels that would be used to reach and engage new and existing customer segments, to deliver the value propositions as identified.

One of the first tasks undertaken was the refresh of the company’s brand identity, to create a modern and professional identity that is distinctive, memorable and stands out whilst reflecting that the business is selling and hiring crawler cranes. A new logo was developed based on the three letters and a line joining them to represent the track on a crawler crane. The use of red, black and white was chosen as the primary palette to provide a distinctive appearance to the marketing collateral and cranes on site.

A new responsive website was developed along with a brochure based on some new impressive site and operations photography undertaken by iQ Media. This was then supported by an e marketing campaign to drive traffic to the site.

The new branding was well received by existing and new customers and the successful campaign achieved significant increases in both crane sales and hire turnover from new customers almost immediately, as a result of a significant increase in visitors and enquiries from the website.

NRC recently attended the Vertikal Days crane show at Haydock and IQ Media produced a short video, to provide visitors to the NRC website with a guided tour of the new Hitachi Sumitomo and Link Belt cranes on display.

Please take a look at the NRC Website and contact us if you would like to discuss how a similar strategic review and digital communications campaign could benefit your business.