What should I wear in front of camera ?

What to wear in preparation for your video interview.
We often get asked by clients for advice on what they should wear in front of camera to look their best. Whilst this might seem  like a small detail it is worth giving it some consideration as part of the preparation, as it can have an impact on effectiveness of your video, in terms of  the overall look and feel, and if this is appropriate for the tone of the messages to be conveyed.

I used to be decisive but now I’m not sure? Useful creative thinking and decision making techniques.

 When it comes to making good decisions, most of us think we take a considered, rational approach. We’ve built up a lot of experience over the years, tweaking our methods to get the best outcomes. However, all is not as it seems. Our brain is not as rational as we’d...

Digital Platform win to help combat Child Obesity

IQ Digital Health wins Health Innovation Manchester Award to help combat Child Obesity, through the development of an innovative digital platform. The Child Health Monitoring Programme (CHAMP) is to to be developed by IQ Digital Health working in partnership with...

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Here are some thoughts and suggestions we hope you find useful based on some recent social media and marketing campaigns we have undertaken for clients, which has sighnificantly enhanced their use of social media.

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